*..Drinking cranberry juice can be effective in preventing Urinary tract infections.* Think it’s a heart attack? Call an ambulance, then chew one full strength (325mg) ASPIRIN tablet or else chew 4 low dose (81mg) ASPIRIN tablets. *..Supplementing blood pressure medicines with folate containing food materials or tablets has shown to reduce the likelihood of developing stroke in future. *.. A minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 20 -30 min every other day has shown to improve blood pressure in hypertensive patients. *.. Mindfulness: A popular meditation technique has shown to reduce levels of stress hormone levels known as Cortisol and help in increasing attention span. *.. Worsening of Anxiety, agitation, restlessness in a previously healthy individual may be due to an overactive thyroid gland. Consult your doctor about thyroid function test.

Vision & Mission

                                                                    VISION & MISSION

dr aman3

During the course of my training in Medical school and later on while practicing in both urban and rural India I came face to face with needs of sick and dying people. Having witnessed this I decided to start an online service through which I will be able to connect with people of both urban and rural India and provide online medical help and guidance.

My mission is to create awareness, clear misconceptions and provide appropriate guidance on some of the common medical and psychological illnesses which are prevalent in today’s world.